Text-Based Coding

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) provides the structure and content for websites, allowing kids to create and design web pages in SmartTribe's coding class. It teaches them web development fundamentals and how to create and publish their own websites.

CSS(Cascading StyleSheet) helps kids in SmartTribe coding class by allowing them to style and format HTML elements, making their web pages look visually appealing and professional. It also teaches them about web design principles and the importance of organization and consistency in their code.

In SmartTribe coding class, JavaScript is used to teach kids how to create dynamic and interactive web pages, games, and animations through coding.

Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework used for creating responsive web design and user interfaces with pre-designed components, making it easier for kids to build beautiful and functional web pages.

PHP is a popular server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages. In SmartTribe coding class, students learn how to use PHP to develop interactive web applications and enhance their web development skills.

MySQL is a database management system that SmartTribe uses to teach students how to store and retrieve data in their coding projects. By learning how to use MySQL, students can create dynamic and interactive web applications.

Block-Based Coding

MIT App InventorMIT App Inventor is a visual programming language that allows students in SmartTribe's robotics class to easily create mobile apps for their robots, without needing extensive coding experience.

Adda is a visual programming platform designed for robotics education. In SmartTribe's robotics class, students use Adda to create and control robots, learning valuable programming and engineering skills along the way. With Adda's user-friendly interface and real-time feedback, students can experiment and iterate with their designs, unlocking their full creative potential.

Scratch is a versatile visual programming language that allows kids to create interactive stories, animations, and games, making it an ideal tool for introducing robotics and programming concepts in a fun and engaging way. At SmartTribe, our robotics classes use Scratch to teach kids the basics of coding and robotics, helping them develop essential skills for the future.

Beetle Blocks is a visual programming language that combines 3D modeling and programming for kids to learn coding while creating their own virtual worlds and animations. It is a great tool for SmartTribe Robotics class to introduce kids to programming concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Robotics Systems


Microbit is a tiny programmable computer that can be used to learn coding, electronics and robotics. It has several onboard sensors and can be programmed using a variety of languages, including Python and Scratch.

Microsoft Makecode

Microsoft MakeCode is an open-source platform used for programming microcontrollers and creating interactive applications. It uses a block-based coding environment and supports various microcontrollers including micro:bit, Circuit Playground Express, and Adafruit Feather.


Python is a popular programming language used in robotics to develop complex algorithms and control systems for robots. In SmartTribe Robotics class, students learn Python to create programs for their robots, enabling them to control movements, detect sensors, and process data. Python is a versatile language that allows students to explore the limits of their imagination in building robotic projects.